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Questions and concerns

Thu Dec 16, 2010 1:20 pm by Anonymous

i have made a new email regarding the CC Ge Rises, this is my email, not ge rises or any other ranks
i made it for 1 reason , to help people out with advertising and anything else.

the email is

TMF Vergo santa

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Clan video is up!

Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:25 am by Ge Rises

<---------Click the video to the left to watch!



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Ranking System - Need Ranks Badly

Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:14 pm by Ge Rises

Hey Guys, we are coming up very close on choosing an item.
We are extremely sorry for the delay but we are trying to pick the perfect item from all of the items in the game.

For now, we are focusing on our website and finding just the right people to rank.

If you want some tips on how to get ranked follow these guidelines:

1 - APPLY FOR A RANK - You never know that might get you a rank …

[ Full reading ]

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.Com Its Official!

Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:06 pm by Anonymous

Its been confirmed! we have bought our domain address
Thanks To: Zatoox And Android Cow!
So hit them up with messages thanking them
The New Domain Address will be
SO HOORAY! cheers

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Ranked And Non-rank Clan Events

Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:44 am by Ge Rises

We are looking to host a lot of clan events through clans wars maybe god wars dungeon.

Our big concern is getting together in uniforms in world 2 and just having a laugh.

If you would be interested please just say so, and if you want suggest any additional things we should add.

Owner Of 'Ge Rises'

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What is junk trading

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What is junk trading Empty What is junk trading

Post  master moha on Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:30 pm

How does a rank help

Well ranks get to know the item early before others, how ever dont consider this as an advantage

A rank is not allowed to sell anything into the Ge or dump early(sell stuff early)

For a rank to get rid of his/her stuff they must junk trade it

Good ways to junk trade are like buying armour and wepons for cash and junk

When an item is junk traded it does not go into the Ge

What is junk trade you ask

Well lets say I have my santa hat and It is going up

so right now it is 107mil and I want to sell it for 130mil

i add 23mil junk( or the item that is rising) and sell it

Now another person will have that item but they will not put into the grand exchange, they will be forced to get rid of the item also by junk trading so the item stays out of the GE.

A good example would be those rich People(soon to be you) with party hats

party hats market price is around 500mil but the street price is 1bil -2bil

So this method is used by rich people and that 1b junk does not get sold to the ge but gets junk traded

therefore leaving the profits rise on to you

If you have any questions or concerns comment and I will answer

read the folowing conversation for extra knowledge

[22:18:48] master moha : infact we are helping u

[22:19:02] BiG DaDDY : how so
[22:19:05] master moha : ww dont sell items in ge
[22:19:08] master moha : we junk trade
[22:19:15] master moha : and when items are junk traded
[22:19:20] master moha : it does not go into ge
[22:19:33] master moha : it is used for other junk trades
[22:19:39] master moha : like if some one wants to buy my santa
[22:19:44] master moha : its 107mil now
[22:19:49] master moha : i sell with junk for 130mil
[22:19:56] master moha : so that person has 23mil
[22:20:09] master moha : and he wont put that into the ge he will try and junk trade as well
[22:20:34] master moha : understand
[22:20:42] BiG DaDDY : ya

[22:22:15] BiG DaDDY : so junk trading doesnt affect the g.e.

[22:22:30] master moha : we take it out of the ge
[22:22:31] master moha : no
[22:22:33] master moha : so it can rise
[22:22:42] master moha : u see the ppl how sell p hats
[22:22:52] master moha : they sell them for 1.5bil but there ge price is 500mil
[22:22:58] master moha : this is because they have 1bil junk
[22:23:08] master moha : and no one puts 1mil junk in ge and waits for it to get sold
[22:23:14] master moha : so they keep it for other junk trades
[22:23:15] master moha : get the idea?
[22:23:18] BiG DaDDY : haha true
[22:23:26] BiG DaDDY : wow i actually do get it now
[22:23:52] pat cregg : me to wow
[22:25:15] master moha : ya
[22:25:20] master moha : thats why us rich ranks
[22:25:22] master moha : help u

hope this helped you understand the job of ranks

master moha

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